... a few words about us

This will not be a self-portrait, but rather an explanation for our drive and the passion behind the fragrances from GCB parfums.

"Before every beginning there is the wish and before that, the dream."

The dream consisted of the essential ... namely to make his olfactory pieces accessible to the world, with the wish it would bewitch them as well.
This laid the foundation for the many beautiful moments that followed and will continue to do so.

A lot of time, patience and work were necessary to be as far as we are today.

The raw materials for each fragrance are carefully selected and purchased around the world, taking sustainability into account.

The resulting fragrances are produced, bottled and carefully packaged by ourselves in southern Germany.

Likewise, all lids are made in-house - by hand - so each of these, with the attention to detail, is unique in itself.